Ages: 3 and UpNumber of Players: 1 or moreSKU: milli1003

Sumbodies™ helps your kids learn math in the bath. Where else can you see an astronaut sumo wrestler with legs as delicate as a ballerina battle it out with a caveman mermaid with the brain of a robot!





Kids of all ages can enjoy this game to make their own sumbody creations or play with a friend to become the busybody champion. Either way, your kids will accidentally become better with numbers, creativity, memorization. It also gives them a chance to explore the many occupations in the world (some of which may be more practical than others).

How to Play:
-Divide the SumBodies cards into equal amounts of head, body, and legs.
-Take turns turning over a head, body, and leg next to each other.
-Tally up the points to see who’s SumBody is worth more points.
-The player that wins the most rounds wins the game!

Ages: 3 and UpNo of Players: 1 or moreSKU: milli1003
Retail Price: $14.95