Ages: 8 & UpNumber of Players: 4 or moreSKU: milli1006

Game Play

Unleash your inner comedian! Hilarity ensues in this fast-paced
race to become the Laughing Stock™ of the group. Invent the
funniest punch lines to over 3.4 million joke combinations and
deliver your friends’ gags with flair. Perfect for parties and
family nights, this gut-busting game will have everyone laughing
and learning at the same time.

Test your wits in coming up with jokes and puns to
random and hilarious jokes

For the young and the old:
Sometimes the funniest answers come from the simple
mind of a child. This is an everyone game.

This will secretly help those learning English
differentiate between adjectives, nouns, and verbs

-1 game board
-8 game pieces
-1 joke pad
-450 game cards
-1 sand timer
-1 die”



Ages: 8 & UpNo of Players: 4 or moreSKU: milli1006
Retail Price: 24.95