February 16th, 2013Awards, Dance CharadesDave Williams 0 Comments

From the Family Review Center:

“CRaCK Me uP! What a riot! Dance Charades takes charades to a whole new level. This game will make the shyest person come to life in a whole new light, if they can muster the courage to be front and center of their group. A lot of fun, a lot of laughter and a lot of dancing going on!

First you choose your dance style and then you choose your clue card. Now the fun is dancing your way to winning, by giving your playmates the right moves and clues to have them guessing what your charade is. You have 40 seconds to do it! Points and tokens collected will determine the winner. Let’s Dance, Shall We?

This is a G-R-e-a-T new Party Game! that I know you will enjoy. Takes the night and the fun up a notch.”


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