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Game Play

With Splash Jack® floating playing cardsTM, now you can play any of your favorite card games anywhere there is water! These floating cardsTM float right on top of the water.

Game Play Ideas for Floating Playing Cards

Solitaire in the bath

The floating card games stick on the wall and you can have a relaxing game of solitaire in the bath :)

Slap Jack in the hot tub

This is one of our favorites! Divide all the cards among each player. When someone turns over a Jack, the first person to slap the cards gets the pile. Each player must turn over the cards away from themselves so they are not the first person to see the card type.

Poker with your friends in the pool or hot tub

We like to play 5 card draw in the hot tub. Warning, your dollars don’t float.

Spoons in the hot tube

Spoons is probably our favorite game for the hot tub. Collect one less spoon than the total number of players and give each player 7 cards to hold in their hand. Place them in the bottom of the pool. Each player tries to get 4 of a any kind through a series of draws and discards. When a player discards a card, they place it face up so the next person can either draw from the pile of cards face down, or they can take that card. Then when one person gets four of a kind, they dive for a spoon at the bottom of the hot tub. The last person to dive for a spoon is left without a spoon and is out of the round. Continue until their is one winner.

BS in the hot tub

Divide the cards equally between all the players in the hot tub. Each play takes a turn laying down the number of cards they say they have of a particular card. The person that starts is required to lay down a 2 or any number of 2′s. If I don’t have a 2 and I have to go first, I must bluff that I have a two or multiple 2s. Each player places the cards face down and the other players can call out “BS!” if they think the person is bluffing. The next person would have to put down 3s, and the next person would lay down 4(s) and so on and so forth. If someone calls “BS” and you are bluffing, you have to take all the cards that have accumulated in the pile. If someone calls “BS” and you are not bluffing, they have to take all of the cards. Once the next person goes, no one can call “BS” on the previous person’s turn.
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Ages: 3 & UpNo of Players: 1 or moreSKU: milli1001
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