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Card Throwing Competition

Do you work a 9 to 5 job but wish you had gone after your dreams of becoming a professional foam card thrower?

Toy Fair 2013 is your chance to redeem your dream. Wednesday at 3:00 pm, we will begin our 4th annual toy fair card throwing competition.

The winner? They go home with:

-a free deck of Splash Jack Royal floating foam playing cards

-a practice pool to develop card throwing skills

-a renewed sense of purpose in their life

-a new career?


the final countdown by Europe should be played during the length of the tournament.

Each athlete will:

-have 15 playing cards to throw during their turn

-each athlete will have two turns to do their best

-for each playing card they make into the mini milliwik pool, they will advance one station back (5 feet)

-the athlete that goes the furthest back will win the 2013 Milliwik Card Throwing Competition

Card throwing instructions from minisintructions.com

Card throwing instructions from minisintructions.com


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