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March 14, 2011

Bath Toys They Won’t Soon Outgrow

Milliwik Splashimals

Water flutes. Rubber duckies. Floating boats. Sure, these toys were a big old blast when lovebug was 12 months, but if you’re still trying to pass them off as stimulating bathtime activity a year or more later, then, please—for the sake of your adorable, but bored to tears baby—keep reading.

The fact is, your tots are ready for bigger, better and brighter things…things like the Splashimals floating cards from Milliwik.

Splashimals cards are an especially good time for the bubble-blowing set. Floatable, mold-resistant and easy to stick to any bathroom surface, each Splashimals card features half an animal and half of the animal’s name. Sounds simple, but the possibilities are truly inspiring. From animal recognition to memory games to reading comprehension, the Splashimals will continue to challenge your little ones well into first grade.

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